Olympus XA-2 35mm Film Camera with A1L Quick Flash

2:33 PM

Olympus XA-2 Film Camera
Made in Japan
Very Good Condition and Working

The camera to carry everywhere. A little more automatic than the XA, less expensive and more plentyfull. Don't leave home without one.
The Olympus XA2 was honored with the top award in 1981 for Good Design Mark Competition sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Association.
As always Olympus making great design and quality cameras that can be used by anybody.

With this little camera you can take pictures such as the following:
(click on the image to see more examples)

The camera has 3 modes:

-Mountain - 6.3m
-Orange Bodies - 1.2m
-Half white bodies - 1.2 to 1.8m

uses 35mm film and can be used in a wide array of options, also comes with a removable flash, 
the A11, so on sunny days you can have simple little camera that can be held in one hand.
Please see the detailed images below for a closer look to the item:

(Click to enlarge)   

   This item is definitely great for collectors of vintage cameras and artists that like to experiment with the colors provided by these film cameras.


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