Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom 105 DLX Panorama & Weatheproof

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Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom 105 DLX Panorama & Weatherproof

This pocket film camera packs a lot of features and its zoom capability allows you to zoom and get close ups more easily.

The 38-105mm zoom lens is perfect for framing portraits, getting in on the action, and capturing faraway subjects.

Some of the features of this little camera include self timer, date imprinting and multiple flash modes.

Another advantage of this little but powerful camera is that fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere, is great as a street photography device.

Uses 1 CR123A or DL123A battery.

Below some examples of the pictures that can be taken with the Zoom 105 DLX :

(click for more examples)

You can take a closer look to the actual camera in the following images:

(click to enlarge)

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