Canon Sure Shot Autofocus 38mm f/2.8 Lens 35mm Film Camera CAFS

2:10 PM

Canon Sure Shot Autofocus 38mm f/2.8 Lens 35mm Film Camera with Case CAFS Works!

This is a very straight forward and easy camer ato use, being pretty much automatic is just matter of putting some fresh batteries in and a new roll of film, go out and shoot!

It uses two AA batteries which makes it convenient since those can be found anywhere, also 35mm film, which is available in most pharmacies and grovery stores as well as online.

It has a beautiful 38mm f/2 lens, which makes it fast and good in darker conditions with the appropiate film. Also has automatic rewind, which to me, is always convenient.

Has a built in flash tha tcan be push down if not needed. Overall this is a great camera to experiment with film, may it be street photo, landscape or just portraits.

With one of these cameras yo can take pics like the following:

(click images to see more examples)

Take a look at the actual camera in the pics below:

(click to enlarge)

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2 comentarios

  1. Are selling this camera? If so, how much?

    1. Hello Eliezer, sorry for the late response, I think I still have it and if you're still interested and I actually have it we can figure a good price. Its been crazy lately... lots of work and travel. Until today I am catching up with things.



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