Pentax ME 35mm SLR Film Camera with 50mm f/2 Prime Lens

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Pentax ME 35mm SLR Film Camera with 50mm f/2 Prime Lens

This robust and at the same time light camera was produced in the late 70´s and was the predecessor to the ME Super. This camera was manufactured in Japan.

Featuring  aperture-preferred automatic electronic exposure control leaving the focusing and aperture to the user which makes it a really nice camera to learn about photography as well for shooting casual, street photography or simply as your everyday camera.

A lot of people have a cult for the K1000 but the ME has better portability as its size and lightness are unique for a SLR at the time, without compromising the size of the view finder or functionality.

ASA 12 ~ 1,600.
Hot Shoe
Fits All the Newer SMC manual lenses
100X mode for auto 1/100 Manual Mode when battery dies
Bulb option for long manual exposures
Battery: Two A76, S76, G13, S76E, 357, MS76H, LR44 or 357

This camera is really cool for shooting trips and everyday photography since its versability allows the user to experiment with different setting as just "point and shoot" in AUTO mode.

Some examples of the pictures you can take with this camera and this lens are:

(click to see more examples)

This are pictures of the actual camera:

(click to enlarge)

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