Sigma 35-70mm Zoom-Master Multi-Coated Manual Focus Lens with Macro (Japan)

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Sigma 35-70mm Zoom-Master Multi-Coated Lens with Macro (Japan)

This is a very versatile lens that can work as a great street photography and casual lens. The zoom and macro capabilities with a quick aperture make this lens great for a wide array of situations.

It can be a semi wide lens at 35mm for landscapes and group pics, as well as a great portrait lens at 70mm f/2.8.

It pairs awsomeley with mirrorless cameras and micro four thirds, an adapter is required.

The lens is in great condition, its only missing a little screw, but it does not affect the functioning. I tested it with my Canon T50, all functions worked just fine.

With this lens you can create pics like the following:

(click to see more examples)

Check it out closely in the pictures below:

(click to enlarge)

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