Canon T50 SLR film camera with Tou/Five Star 28-75mm Lens

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Canon T50 SLR film camera with Tou/Five Star 28-75mm Lens

Circa 1983 this camera was introduced to improve the sales for the non-photographer consumer.

The camera is fully automated but allows manual focus, which is great for artsy shots and makes it great for street photography.

The camera has been tested with fresh batteries (not included) and it is working fine.


Built-in winder
Auto loading, auto winding
Fully programmed AE • Programmed flash AE (When attached)
Energy-saving design
Lightweight, compact
Allows Manual focus
Uses FD lenses which are easily found and in great variety.
Batteries: 2 x AA

Comes with a Tou/Five Star Lens (made by a subdivision of Pentax) featuring 28-75mm 1:3.5-4.5 up to f/22. Really nice and versatile lens with Macro Capabilities.

Some of the pictures taken with the T50 and a 28mm lens that are similar to what this combo can produce are the following:

(click on the image for more examples)

Take a closer look to the camera and lens for sale in the pics below:

(click to enlarge)

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