Vintage Polaroid Spirit 600 Land Camera Rainbow

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Vintage Polaroid Spirit 600 Land Camera Rainbow Tested Great Condition

This black & rainbow Polaroid was released in 1980, it has a slot where you can put a stripped flash that is disposable and interchangeable, there were a few brands that made the flash strip, including GE.


Lens: 116mm f/11 Single-element
Fixed focus - no flash - Flashbars can be used
Shutter: electronic; range around 1/4 - 1/200 sec
Exposure system: programmed automatic
Black plastic body - Top part flips down to protect lens and controls

You can take pics like the following with a camera like this:

(click on the image to see more examples)

This is the actual camera, please see the pics below:

Great collectors camera that take amazing pics!

This item sells as is, no returns accepted

If you have any questions about the item please let me know via eBay messages I will be glad to answer any doubt that you may have.

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