Polaroid One Step Sonar Pronto Land Instant Film Camera Autofocus SX-70

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Polaroid One Step Sonar Pronto Land Camera Autofocus SX-70 WORKS!

Released in 1978 the Sonar Pronto camera is a really interesting edition, it takes the famous SX-70 film used in previous versions of the One Step (Rainbow, The Button, Pronto!, Etc).

It features a sonar (gold rounded in front) that acts as a autofocus device. When you press the shutter the sonar sends spnic waves to the central part of the scene and the bouncing waves that return to the sonar will determine the distance of the object and the compute rinside the camera will adjust the camer ato focus properly. You can also switch to manual focusing mode with a dial on top.

It also features a slot to attach a flash bar or device (not included) and is tripod ready.

Some of the pictures that can be taken with a camera like this are:

(click on the images for more examples)

Take a look at the actual camera on the images below for more detail:

(click on the images to enlarge)

This item sells as is, no returns accepted

If you have any questions about the item please let me know via eBay messages I will be glad to answer any doubt that you may have.

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