Canon EOS Rebel G SLR Film Camera with 35-80mm Zoom Lens EF 1:4.5-5.6 III

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Canon EOS Rebel G SLR Film Camera with 35-80mm Zoom Lens EF 1:4.5-5.6 III

Introduced in 1996 this is a really light and versatile camera that can get the job done, Is compatible with all EOS autofocus lenses and ISlenses as well.

The casing is a sturdy plastic and some with the excellent 35'80mm kit lens,

Great for experienced photographers as well as students or enthusiasts since it has full manual options, One of the main advantages is its light weight that allows the phorographers to carry it longer without getting a bad neck pain.

Overall this is a fantastic camera that allows all levels of photographers, from the family vacation to the pro that wants a reliable lightweight camera to take on that trip.


Autofocus 35mm Film SLR with full manual options. 

Uses two CR123A/DL123A lithium batteries (3v) housed inside the camera grip

Kit includes camera and 35-80mm lens detachable Canon EF zoom lens
Retractable built-in flash, improved control of red-eye reduction
Canon's exclusive AIM (Advanced Integrated Multipoint) control system
Enhanced command dial for mode selection; 11 exposure modes

Some of the pictures that you can take with this type of camera are the following:

(click to see more examples)

You can take a closer look to the actual camera in the images below:

(click to enlarge)

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