Polaroid 600 Grey Impulse Instant Film Camera Auto Focus System WORKS

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Polaroid 600 Grey Impulse AF Instant Film Camera Auto Focus System WORKS

This is a camera that came out in the late 80´s and that has a really cool sturdy design and great image quality. The camera´s flash is pressed to turn it on and also to expose the flash bulb. The flash is automatic and cannot be controlled manually.

This specific item is in great condition for its age, was tested with dummy film and works fine. Please check the details in the pictures and the information below:

Your subject should be within the camera’s flash range:


Impulse 2 to 14 feet (.6 to 4.25m)

For best results, your subject should also be near a light-colored background.


Your subject should be:

Impulse at least 2 feet (.6m) away

(Be sure there are no objects in front of your subject for the focusing sonar to work best)


-Three element plastic lens with fixed aperture (116mm, f9)
-3 ft minimum focus distance.
-Exposure compensation controls below lens.
-Self-timer function
-Flash fires for every shot; cannot be user controlled.
-Uses 600 film that can be found in the Impossible Project, Amazon and ebay.

Images like ones below can be taken with this type of camera:

(click image to see more examples)

Check the images of the actual camera below:

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