Polaroid 600 Business Edition Instant Film Camera 600-770 Red & Black

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Polaroid 600 Business Edition Instant Film Camera 600-770 
Red & Black

Released in the early 90's the Business Edition is a versatile camera that was used in different types of business as the go to camera (at the time there were not digital cameras to work with).

This camera features an advanced flash system with automatic charging, and a built-in sliding close-up lens making it ready faster to snap some shots.

At the beginning it was marketed as the "Polaroid Job Pro" as it was designed with durability in mind.


Single-element 116mm plastic lens
Fixed focus with a standard minimum focal length of 4 feet (2ft when close-up lens is in place)
Electronic Shutter
Programmed auto-exposure system
Built-in Flash
Strap has a pen/pencil holder
Empty logo space to put your business' own.

These are some of the pictures you can take with a camera like this:

(click on the image to see more examples)

Take a closer look to the camera in the pictures below:

(click to enlarge)

Great item for collectors!

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