Nikon L35 AD (L35AF) Film Compact Camera 35mm f/2.8 Nikkor Lens Point & Shoot

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Nikon L35 AD (L35AF) Film Compact Camera 35mm f/2.8 Nikkor Lens Point & Shoot

Nikon's very first compact automatic camera, with a very fast sharp lens, that has as many elements as a SLR. Really popular among street photographers and artists for its colors and sharpness, as well as being automated and fast.

Produced 1983 -  Japan Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24mm x 36mm Weight 13.9oz with batteries (394g) Lens Nikon Lens 35mm 1:2.8-? (5 element 4 group?) Filter size 46mm Focal range .8m-infinity (?) Shutter Nikon ASA 100-400* Viewfinder bright frame finder with symbol distance scale Exposure meter lens mounted CdS, +2 backlight compensation lever Battery 2 x AA 1.5v Pop-up flash (automatic when light levels drop out of range) Self-timer Autofocus Auto film advance

Examples of images taken with a camera like this:
(click on the image to see more examples)

The camera is fuly functional and is in decent cosmetic condition. I just rescued from the shed where it was stored for several years, but it looks great for the age. 
It might need a thorough clean up but I will let that to the new owner, overall is clean and fully functional.

For more details please see pictures below:

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