Polaroid Sun 600 LMS Instant Film Camera Vintage & Cool

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Polaroid Sun 600 LMS Instant Film Camera Vintage and Cool

The Sun 600 LMS was introduced to the market around 1983 featuring the improved exposure with LMS or "Light Management System" that was not present in earlier models of the 600 series.


Electronic shutter

116mm single-element plastic lens

Fixed focus with a minimal focal length of 4 feet

Built-in flash

This Poalroid uses 600 film that can be found in the Impossible Project, eBay and Amazon.

This type of camera takes really cool pictures like the following:

(click to see more examples)

This item is in very decent condition and fully working. Tested with dummy film cartridge. 

Please see pictures below of the actual camera for a closer look:

(click on the image to enlarge)

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