Polaroid Rangefinder Film Land 250 Instant Camera

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Polaroid Rangefinder Film Land 250 Instant Camera Vintage Great Shape Bag Flash

The 250 is one of the higher-end models of the 100-400 series line of folding Packfilm Land Cameras, similar to the 100, 350, 360 and 450 models. Adopted these days by photographers and artists this beautiful camera produces awesome artistic images. 

Usually paired with Fuji Instant Film such as FP-100C and Fujifilm FP-3000B, also some people adapt a AAA battery kit to this cameras, to use them with modern batteries.

This specific item is in very good condition even for its age, also has flash, bulbs, the original bag and some original paperwork. For details please look at the pics.

Examples of pictures that can be achieved with this camera are the following (results change depending on film used, light, technic and expertise)

(click on the image to see more examples)


- Folding Bellows
- Automatic Exposure
- 100-series Packfilm
- Zeiss Ikon-designed rangefinder, with projected frame lines and parallax compensation.
- Tripod mount on all-metal body
- 3 element glass lens (114mm f8.8)

You can take a look to the actual camera in the pictures below:

(click to enlarge)

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