Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom 115 DLX 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera

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Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom 115 DLX 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera

This listing is for a great Olympus Infinity Stylus Zoom DLX 38-115mm.

This little camera packs a variety of options to take great pictures on the go, since its size is small and perfect for traveling. It also is "All Weather" which means its safe to shoot under the rain, ocean spray, snow and has resists spills. The 115mm Zoom makes it a great camera for a variety of conditions, to shot portraits, landscape and even street, but as it is obvious also for shooting object within a considerable distance.

The Infinity series cameras have been adopted by photo enthusiasts and artists in general that want to experiment with film and have a reliable companion for street shooting or any other occasion.

Additional features of the Stylus Family are:

-Easy-to-use - Fully automatic operation (autofocus, auto exposure, auto film loading and rewinding)

-All-weather reliability - Provides worry-free protection against rain, snow or sea spray

-Intelligent variable-power flash- Six versatile flash modes to make great photography easier regardless of lighting conditions

-Red-eye reducing flash - The red-eye effect is reduced by a series of pre-flashes emitted before the main flash fires

-Exclusive auto color-balancing flash - Ensures natural coloring in artificial light

-Panorama - Dual format mid-roll change, at the flick of the switch

-Quartz date model - Convenient date/time imprinting

-Diopter correction- Adjusts for individual vision requirements

-12-second electronic self timer- For self-portraits or group shots

Please take a look at the actual camera in the following images:

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You can see examples of pictures taken by a camera like this one below:

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