Voigtländer Bessy AK Vintage Camera 126 Film - Made in Germany

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  • Manufacturer: Balda Kamera-Werk for Voigtländer
  • Made in: West Germany
  • Introduced: 1965
  • Camera Type: Viewfinder
  • Format: 126 Film
  • Dimensions (cm): 12 x 7.4 x 6.2

"Like the vast majority of 126 cameras available at the time, the Bessy is very basic with very little manual control to speak of. The only real adjustment that can be made is focus which can be adjusted by rotating the ring surrounding the lens’ front element. Other than that, the only other controls are the textured black shutter button on the user’s right-hand side of the top plate and the film advance gear underneath it." - Source: http://vintagecameralab.com/voigtlander-bessy-ak/

You can see the camera a little closer in the images below:
(click to enlarge)

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